Concrete Services

Make your dream a reality!

Adding concrete to the foundation of your home, whether it is as a deck for your pool or as your driveway, it is one of the most economical ways to refurbish your home. We make sure that the materials are both a combination of affordability and durability. Our highly experienced and professional team is here to help bring your vision to reality.

The quality of concrete work affects everything that follows, literally serving as the foundation for an entire project. Success begins with a foundation built to exacting standards and continues with the high-quality installation of concrete elements throughout the structure.

Our concrete services provide owners and contractors with a financially strong, reliable, process-oriented construction firm that’s flexible enough to comply with customer-specific requirements and needs. We have the resources and experience to safely complete complex, high-profile, schedule-driven projects, while remaining transparent flexible and easy to work with.  We don’t put anything different in the concrete; there’s no special special mix.  But, when we place concrete, you have our word that we are demanding and particular about it!

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Our mission is to deliver great quality of work at affordable prices to our customers. Burgos General Contractor goal is to drive the business with honesty and responsibility to guarantee the best result in your project. We understand our customer’s needs and deliver what they expect.

Our customers are very special people. There home is a very special house. We believe the appearance of a home makes a statement and  says a lot about a you. We want to help you make that statement  with color, high quality and precision that last a long time. We are thankful for the job and in your trust in us to help you do that!